Kanvee (middle), Sen. Ballout & Husband

Kanvee (middle), Sen. Ballout & Husband

Having swept a couplel of awards at the Liberian Artists of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA) Awards, Liberia’s foremost Gospel Kanvee Gaines Adams artist has once again pocketed three awards, the most prestigious being ‘The Best Artist of The Year’ Award.

During a glamorious yet not-too-packed Liberia Music Awards 2008 Ceremony organized by the Musician Union of Liberia in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Kanvee Gaines Adams who was nominated in five different catergories took  center-stage when she snubbed the “Best Artist of The Year”, “Best Gospel Artist of The Year”, and  “Best gospel Song of The Year” Awards. She beat Friday “The Cellphone Man”, Sundaygar Dear Boy and K- Zee to become the “Best Artist of The Year” as well as finishing top above Eveine Natt Kamara, Harbella Brown and David Mell to be crowned the “Best Gospel Artist of The Year”. As if not enough, Kanvee’s “CARRY MY LOAD”—one that not only shaken Liberia but has also taken unto the international musical scene thus prompting the BBC granting her an interview—was awarded the “Best Gospel Song of The Year”. Eveine’s ‘Papa Ne No Kay’, Harbella’s “I Claim It’ and  Ophelia’s “ Jesus Working For Us” were the other nominated songs in this catergory.  Kanvee said she was most grateful to the Almighty God for these awards and thank her fans  for their support. She also acknowledged Mr. Steve Tequah h imself an award winner, for  his record company’s contribution to her success.

Happily married with two girls, Kanvee started her musical sojourn in 2000 when she made the ever –popular BE LIKE JOE  and has since become an annual releaser of albums that always make hits.

The Liberia Music Awards is the nation’s most prestigious award that traces its maiden edition 19 years back, then referred to as the Golden Beat Awards. Hosted by the Musician Union of Liberia, this is intended to recognize the enormous contributions made by Liberian artists during the year as they strife to make Liberian music one of more regional and even global competitive.

The Liberia Music Awards 2008, held at the historic Centennial Memorial Pavilion on Sunday February 15 had 16 different categories ranging from the Best Artist  to the Best Producer of the Year. The second highest carrier of awards during the night was “A Star Is Born” 2007/2008 Moses Swaray who clinched the two categories who was nominated for: “The Best New Artist of The Year’ and “The Best Male Vocalist of The Year”.He dedicated to God and the Community Outreach of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), a civic outlet  that eventually discovered this once-buried talent via its annual national talent hunt show named and styled “A Star Is Born”.

Other categories with their respective nominees and winners included the following: “The Best Song of The Year”, won by Picardo’s BOSOM (Kpa Ye Wa, Simple Mistake and Kaka Layka being runners-up), “The Best Album of The Year”, won by Friday ‘The Cellphone Man’s BELLEH (Bosom, Nuff Respect and Don’t Live With Woman being runners-up), “The Best Hip-Co Artisit of The Year”, won by M.C Switch (Tycoon J,Picardo and Lucky Bucky were runners-up) and “The Best Gospel Album of The Year”, won by Harbellwa Brown’s LIFT JEHOVAH HIGHER (Glorious Prasie, Carry My Load and Jesus’ Working For Me being runners-up). Others were “The Best Reggar Artist of The Year” which Rabbie Nass won over Kinda Harvey, Arinze Allen, and Cyrus Townsend, “The Best traditional Artist of The Year” snatched by Tokay Tomah Kalie with Julie Endee, Paul Gbarpue and Psalm Brothers being nominated, “The Best Choral Song of The Year” which the Little White Chapel’s MAMA LIBERIA won over Glorious Lamps, Thou Are Worthy and In Your Presence, and “The Best Female Vocalist of The Year” won by Princess Pitman despite the presence of Marron Cassell L I B Queen and Eveine Natt Kamara in this category. Finally, “The Best Music Video of The Year” was awarded to Sundaygar Dear Boy while Kanvee Adams, Eveine Natt Kamara and Nancy Gbollie (L I B Queen) looked on in the same category, “The Best Distributor of The Year” was awarded by R.K Enterprises over Sonia, Super Sound and World of Music while Steve Tequah won “The Best Producer Award” over Tom Holder, D-Boy and Pucano.


A Liberian lady was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment following a verdict of a court in the American state of Viriginia for making a ‘so-ne-duc, gba mu du yeon’ out of her five years old daughter .

According to reports gathered by this Paper, Weador Kromah was sentenced because of constant beating of her five-year old daughter as a result of the daughter’s continual ‘pee-ping’ to bed. Ma Weah, as she is preferably called, got ‘fed-up’ with her daughter’s habit and finally made a ‘‘so-ne-duc, gba mu du yeon’ out of the little girl, prompting state child protection and welfare authority to probe into the matter. ‘So-ne-duc, gba mu du yeon’, a Bassa expression  meaning “Chicken Can’t Urinate, Only Dog Can Urinate” is a traditional act used by our people to discourage children who usually urinate while asleep  from doing so. In so doing, the child is striped naked and dressed with leaves, forest ropes (or potato green rope), grasses, old cups and pans and other junks. He or she will have to be beating an old pan or cup in a bid to lead the ‘parade’. This is usually done during the early morning hours and paraded through the community or neighborhood with the song ‘so-ne-duc, gba mu du yeon’ being sang behind him or her while community dwellers or neighbors come by to lash the child or waste all sorts of dirty water on him or her. During such pitiful scene, the child is seen crying with bruises all over his or her and  will be made to complete circling the entire community or neighborhood or until the parent or guardian melting out such punishment is satisfied.

Our reports indicated that it was during one of such naïve and uncivilized drills in the name of punishment that Ma Weah was arrested after the child (name withheld) complained to the requisite authority. Ma Weah, believed to be in her mid-forties gave birth to her daughter when she had finally given up all her hope of being to conceive a child following almost four decades of bareness. But when she got impregnated within just two years of her migration to the United States from Guinea, she thought to provide ‘the best upbringing’ for her lone child. Now the child’s inability to discontinue this act led to Ma Weah’s institution of such ‘punishment’ without regard to the modernized society she finds herself.   


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