Liberia's Gospel Amb Maroon Dweh Cassell

Liberia's Gospel Amb Maroon Dweh Cassell


(Published in the CHAMPIONS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT NEWSPAPER, its March 23th Edition, by Nat Bayjay) 

“Liberiaaa, sweet land of liberty

You will rise, you will shine, you will prosper

In Africaaa, yee the world. . . . . . .”

Who in Liberia (or even out of Liberia as Liberians) that has not heard the above song? An overwhelming and resounding answer of “No one” is what I can hear. Yes, indeed!! This is the song that has been adored by everyone to include national leaders (both past and present). In fact, former Pres. Charles Taylor could not be spared by the passion and inspiration of this song which eventually led him to, for the first time in the history of this country, appoint its writer and singer as Liberia’s Gospel Ambassador. This song served, as it still continues to, as a counseling song whenever Liberians found themselves in distress-full situations which is quiet comparable to the South Africans’ choice of chanting their soul-steering Swahili-Zulu inspirational music during the infamous Apartheid era (sorry if I’m being political or re-opening any scar). The song was being thought to be replacing the National Anthem. This is especially true in the Diaspora. I in person witnessed a scene in Ghana when tears were shared upon the raising of the song during a public meeting called as a result of an anti-Liberian scenario that confronted Liberian refugees. The same can be said of returnees while en route to the “Sweet Land of Liberty” whether on ships, planes or cars that were returning them home.

So, when SOCIAL TIMES decided to find out about this much-loved and patriotic Gospel music that brings so much courage, hope and inspiration.

INSPIRATION: Written and sang by Liberia’s Gospel Ambassador Maroon Dweh Cassell, the lyrics of the song were “inspired by God” following a day of fasting and prayer. Amb. Cassell told of how she had decided to contribute a song to a prayer summit for the Nation hosted by a bishop from Ghana named Duncan William. But she said that she thought that the song was incomplete but had to later use it as a ‘fill-in’ while making an album called RECEIVE MY PRAISE that eventually went on to popularize it. It had a real impact at an Evangelical Mass Choir Year End Concert just months that it was released which subsequently earned her the ambassadorial title. “I’m grateful that I could be used as God’s instrument to restore hope to his people during such time of hopelessness”, she narrated.

timely:  The hard situation confronted with Liberians that saw complete lost of hope made this song very timely. To a very large extent, it helped. So, has Liberia risen again? You know the answer, whether she has or is rising again is very clear. Great inspirational song, indeed!!!

LESSON: What can be learned from this song and its impact and influence is that Liberia can truly have a national identity (to the perception that we can’t). Another famous and nationalist Gospel song is the Little White Choir’s MAMA LIBERIA which is sung from the depth of every Liberian’s heart. The appreciation of the newest phenomenon of Liberian music made in Liberian simple/ordinary English Collo-qua called Hip-Co is another proof that should lead us to know that even a National Language can be learned.



~ by entertainmentlib on March 29, 2009.


  1. I am an American pastor just returned from Monrovia, and I can testify that indeed hope is palpable, and the conditions of the nation improves in leaps and bounds! I heard this song at a church meeting I attended, and would love to have a recording of it. Any idea where I might find one? Does Maroon Dweh Cassell have any recorded albums available in the US? This is a very powerful song.

    • I might have to get in touch with her and find out. U need to have this. By the way, are u a Liberian?

      • Than you. I’d appreciate the help getting a copy of it. I am not a Liberian; just an American who has fallen in love with the peaceful and potential-laden Liberian people. There is a beautiful church and nation emerging from the ashes of war, and I (along with my church) plan to devote a good part of my life to helping any way I can.

      • I’ve told her and she talked about a place in Minnesota that has her albums. I’ll notify u the soonest as soon as sends me the full address and process of getting it.

        At the same time, there is young inspired Liberian lady who is being used by God to spread His message. She’s currently building her church just manually(I mean by bare hands) to show her level of determination. I’m putting pieces together to present an article of this young lady’s mission to my international audience. Pls keep checking these sites cuz your Church’s plan to devote a good part of your life to helping any way you can could reach her.

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