Sen. Ballout(left) during one of his numerous attendances of Liberian entertainment events

Sen. Ballout(left) during one of his numerous attendances of Liberian entertainment events



A official of government—infact, a top executive of the ruling Unity Party that currently holds the gavel of authorithy in Liberia—has become a very strong admirer of the Liberian arts in general, and the Movie and Music Industries in particular. He is seen virtually at almost every event of such.

To this, he promised to lobby with his colleagues at the National Legislature in enforcing the copy-rights law. This will help them reap the fruit of their labor. “This will give rise to the industry’s growth”, he added.  He feels that at least an initial amount of US$500,000 should be added to the copy rights budgetary allotment made instead of the allotted minute amount because showbiz is a very lucrative business. This he noted will protect the vulnerable industry.  A few years back, various Liberian radio and TV stations were over-taken by the promotion of foreign music–and up to present movies. Though little progress has been made in ensuring that Liberian music are played on both radio and TV stations, he suggested if they do this for successive three months this will be serious boost for the industry which will yield to more productions. With this done, the Liberian musical and movie industries will reach a level that will never come down.

and build on it, especially so when we have a beautiful culture because every great nation was built due to preserving and validating its own culture”, Sen. Ballout began. He disclosed that he has given his special attention to it as a way of spear-heading the process of bringing the values of our own arts & culture to the front because he thinks that such venture is ‘best championed by political leaders and high profile government officials’. Considering himself to be artist (whether a musical, movie or carving artist), the Maryland County lawmaker urged that we develop our own arts & culture because for too long now Liberians got confused embracing foreign culture thereby sacrificing theirs in the process. It is an unarguable fact that Liberians have given so much attention to the Ghanaian Hip-Life and Nigerian movies in their pursuit of happiness, a situation to which he clarified that Liberians are not against their own arts & culture but only need to be brought to their attention.  It’s established that Liberians’ appreciation of their music and movie are seen from their preference of Hip-Co, other secular and Gospel music as well as the ever-improving movie industry over their foreign counterparts at various social gatherings and entertainment centers, including the video centers. But one frustrating aspect of this is that Liberian artists are not reaping the worth of their talents—something the senator identified.




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