By: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay, from the ChampionSports Newspaper, its SOCIAL TIMES Column

Slyvanus M. Turay I,Liberia's best Movie Star

Slyvanus M. Turay I,Liberia's best Movie Star



www.entertainmentlib.wordpress.com) April 3rd Edition

Every successful initiative has people who engineer its success. Not only do such people pioneer it, but they also do make sacrifices for the accomplishments of dreams which are usually dreamt by themselves (in other words, they are in most cases the vision-bearers of these). A glaring example of such is the movie industry which has seen the likes of Liz Benson and an array of other Nigerian actors and actresses making immense sacrifices that led to the actualization of a successful Nigerian movie industry otherwise referred to as Nollywood.

Analogically, Liberia’s own case has seen a few who have started this initiative. Notably among these is Slyvanus M. Turay I, who is a real pioneer in the establishment of the Liberian version of movie making. A founding president of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU), Turay is the unarguable ‘The Godfather’ of Liberian movie not only due to his immeasurable contributions to the establishment of LOLLYWOOD which is relatively becoming a success story but also as evidenced by his conglomeration of personal awards and achievements. He is currently the Nation’s best actor proven by a double award-accolade from LIMU and the recent LMA Entertainment Award. He has produced a couple of the best Liberian movies to include the ever-popular COMPLEX DECISION (1 & 2), TEARS OF MARRIAGE (1 & 2), HOME AGAIN and the to-be launched GUIDED DESTINY which promises to be a bond.( You may see a copy of our sister paper’s April 1st edition of ENTERTAINMENT BLOG of SportsDay for detailed information of this most current effort.) he has also acted in dozens of other movies such A MAN’S HEART, among others where he played splendid roles both as lead or supporting actor.

To show his commitment and dedication to this career, Turay has established the Torch-Bear Ministries, Incorporated which is involved in productions and other graphic designs as far as movie production is concerned. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of this entity.


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