By: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay (231-6-402737)


Juli Endee performs during the ceremony

Juli Endee performs during the ceremony

She is seen virtually at every campaign. Her advocacy seems endless against human threatening diseases and other societal ills in Liberia. As she leads her CRUSADERS FOR PEACE, she actually puts herself in the position of whatever victims or unfortunate situation that she sensitizes the nation about. Apparently that is why she is called Liberia’sCulture Ambassador whose works completely exemplify that title. Well, it might interest you to note that a national tribute was just paid to her as she launched a special documentary on Maternal & New Born Mortality Reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention..

Juli Endee, the ever-active and zealous Culture Ambassador of Liberia was praised during the launch of the Nationwide Maternal Mortality & New Born Reduction and HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign by Liberia’s Health Ministry in which Dr. Walter Gwanigale attributed the success of Liberia being a polio-free country to her vigorous and non-stopping continual campaign. During the ceremony, Amb. Endee’s CRUSADERS FOR PEACE exhibited splendid performances before dedicating the special documentary to befit the campaign. What amazed on-lookers and special guests attending the ceremony was the group’s ability to disseminate the message in all of Liberia’s sixteen spoken vernaculars.

This is exactly why ENTERTAINMENT BLOG joins in to say ‘hats-off’ to one of the nation’s pride. Remember that Juli Endee ably represents Liberian at international conferences and contests in her capacities as Culture Ambassador and an artist. Watch out for an exclusive interview with Amb Juli Endee which will depict how she started her entire musical

career, her motivation in this direction, plans she has underway (as you

may be aware of a children’s village under her auspices) , among others.


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