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Since Liberian Gospel music began to be deeply rooted in the nation, there has been a representation of the major Liberian vernaculars (dialects) which has firmly established itself among Liberians both at home and abroad. Given this, each of these vernaculars has its own ‘king’ or ‘queen’ as far as the level of talents possessed by said musician is concerned. That is why they are usually referred to “King/Queen of Gola, Mano, Kru (or whatever tribe) Gospel Music”.

Well, Mrs. Choko Wlehyou Barchue is one unique species hailing from one of the most popular (and probably most talented & social-able) Liberian vernaculars that takes center-stage in the ‘world of Liberian entertainment’; whether Gospel or secular. Choko’s incredible singing talent is coupled with her splendid dances that go along with her sharp nightingale voice to compliment it. That is why she is called THE QUEEN OF BASSA GOSPEL MUSIC”. She truly represents the female Gospel ambassador of Bassa Gospel music. Coming out of the midst of a group of people who possess so much immense talents as “THE QUEEN”, especially in the area of music entails a whole lot of unspeakable and immeasurable extra talents. Let’s take a look at how such a young talent came to prominence in this current competitive career.

EARLY CAREER:  Choko, like most Liberian musicians, began singing as early at an age she can barely recount but believed to be around five years old. During this time, she was always asked to perform in churches and other church related activities which always commanded a huge audience. An early childhood eyewitness tells of how Choko was made to stand in chair to perform in congested areas for the sole purpose of those at the rear to have the opportunity of glimpsing at this young incredible talent. Madame Watcheen, aged 48, told Entertainment blog: “Choko was already a real woman and maybe a prophetess when she was very small. I mean the way she sounded was more like a preacher whenever she sang”, said the lady who watched ‘The Queen’ grow up.

Watch out for her full profile, albums, and personal encounter with The Lord in our next edition for Part II.




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  1. I continue to enjoy your posts Nat. I wonder if, in the future, you might be able to secure the permission of the artists you feature here and upload one of their mp3 files. Keep up all the great work. (I also like the new header)

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