This is a special webpage designed and dedicated to the fine arts of Liberian talents that despite its contribution has been down-played for as long as one can remember. Imagine a Liberian musical or movie artist who has made or produced a lot of musics or movies still can not afford to own a car on his/her own? I mean popular and high-profile artists who make so much sacrifices in ensuring that Liberian Movie and Musical Industries are taken to another level.

Therefore, it is my hope that as you view and read about the types of incredible and skillful talents made right here in Mama Liberia, you will be able to appreciate them and see if you can in any way render whatever help you can in this direction. It takes a lot to do this voluntary work as being done here; so, I’ll highly appreciate any form of comments, views or analysis on whatever you will read on this site.


Nat Nyuan-Bayjay (231-6-402737)


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